Because your home

continues beyond

your doorstep...

What We Do

Whether your focus is to create terrific entertainment space, a fragrant, secluded retreat, a bountiful source of clean and healthy food and flowers or just glorious views from the living room, Yellow Petal’s horticultural experts will design, install and maintain your grounds as your own personal ecosphere.

At Our Core

All of our methods are organic and fully sustainable, and for us this is a core value because in the long term this is not only about beauty, but also your most personal space to live and breathe and play.

Living Proof

Yellow Petal’s Bay Area fine gardens turn with the seasons – simply and harmoniously - in a profusion of color, texture, flavor, and scent. From simple courtyards and patios to historic home estates, a touch of cosmetic replanting or a complete redesign, Yellow Petal can assess your options and address your needs while fulfilling your dreams for surroundings that complete you.