At Our Core

Yellow Petal brings over 20 years of combined expertise in fine gardening, with time-tested values, an emphasis on organic and sustainable methods, a holistic health for your garden and family.

Our family to yours

Yellow Petal is a family-owned and operated fine gardening company based in San Jose. With clients in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and everywhere in between, we feel a deep sense of commitment to our clients and a profound connection with our fine gardens. The scents enchant us, the flavors nurture us, and the colors remind us of childhood dreams. For more than two decades, our pride and respect can be seen in the fine gardens we serve throughout the Bay Area.

Traditional techniques

We're not afraid of good old-fashioned hard work. With great care and attention to detail, each budding branch trimmed one at a time, stepping back to take in a broad view before clipping again. As an artist embellishes a canvas, we just can’t help ourselves to give anything less than this kind of care to your fine garden. From soil to sky, we clear the path for nature to run her course.

Sustainable health

The natural beauty of a healthy garden inspires our efforts. Whatever your needs, and anywhere in the Bay Area, we can design, install and maintain yards and fine gardens based on your preferences for color, shape, texture, and use.